Friday, December 11, 2009

Funny experiences in the college i worked.........

HI FRIENDS......... this blog is to share my funny experiences in the college I worked .

The very first day when i went for an interview to dat coll, after meeting the corresponding department hod, i was waiting to meet the Principal. The hod asked me to have lunch n cum as it was already 10 past 1. I too went to the coll canteen n was having my lunch. That time a man who came to the canteen came straight to me n asked "R u new to this coll?" I said yes, n continued eating.. He din leave the place n again asked me how was the lunch in canteen . For a min I was irritated, bcos i dunno who d man was, n i din like him asking me qns. Anyways i managed to smile n answered him dat everything was fine after which he left. I turned back to hod's room n both of us went to Principal's room. The min i entered d room, I stood dumbstruck as d person in principal's chair was d man i met in canteen. Only then i realized dat as I was a new staff in sari, he has questioned me der. After dat, he smiled at me in d room, nd I did d same.Then he interviewed me n asked to take a sample class on spot.I did it after which they gave me the appointment order..... :)

The next incident i would pen down here is one which hapnd in coll bus one day. It was a Monday mng... Since it was end of semester, 2nd,3rd n final year students were asked to finish their record works n submit on dat particular day for Principal's check. I got into d coll bus at my stop n bus moved... After 10 min, d bus was stopped at a place by the RTO. The RTO called the driver n asked for license and other RC book n records for the bus. The driver blinked as he dint hav those records in bus dat day. The students inside d bus on seeing this started shouting at the driver,"Jeba anna , enga records ellam eduthukonga.. show them to the rto ; ) " ..... All of us started laughing, but d bus moved in d nxt 5 min, as our Vp in d bus got dwn n assured d RPO dat d records will be shown to him bfore 10 a.m after dropping students in d coll.

The next incident is about feedback forms. In this coll, Principal will giv a feedback form with 20 characteristics of teaching ability to each n every class where d students hav to fill up those 20 columns.If they put a tick,it will counted as 1 else x denoting 0. So for a total of 20, marks of lecturers will be calculated . In this situation the hod of the department who was busy in attending d meetings wasn't able to take his classes for 3rd yrs properly. So, when the students got their feedback forms to be filled by them, unitedly the whole class have put 0 for all 20 teaching capabilities for him :)) When d feedback forms reached d department frm where it has to be taken to Principal's room, we were shocked to c dis, n din submit them to Principal. I managed to get a score of 16 - 17 frm d students :)

Another incident is wit d first yr students. Every 2 weeks once , a unit test will be conducted for d students on completion of a unit. If d unit is a larger one, we used to give them d qns .... ( Hope u all remember our days of getting qns frm our lecturers). But during dat period , I was lil angry on d students as they didn't perform d previous unit tests well. So I was telling dem dat i wont giv them qns.... A day bfore the unit test,I went to their class. Everyone had a blooming smile on their faces , few boys n girls started saying dat i luked pretty dat day.... I din realize d reason y they wer saying like dat n felt happy as they said I was pretty ;) After taking the attendance., I went near the board to take class, during which few voices raised saying dat tmrw is d unit test.... Aaaaaahaaaaaaaaa nly thn i realized hw smart they wer!!!!!!! Anyways I gave them d qns n came out dat day!

Like this, soooo many cute n funny experiences I had. Also some cold wars n sensuous issues........ Anyways it is better to remember d pleasant things happened in our life. I do the same....... Come on friends., if u remember any our coll incidents or funny events jus share it over here by posting comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nxt blog la meet panren., vartaaaaaaaa.....


  1. Hi ... tis s really nice de ... the incidents which u hav quoted r really funny .but u forgot to write important incidents (.....) we cant forget our college lyf too.

  2. hai...tat article was too nice really remembers me my sweet college one will get thier college life back but u got nu i think....i had a nice time by reading ur blog ma..

  3. hey priya dog..,,i know wat u mean... adhellam can't quote here., adhan unkita solten la, nippatu adhoda! :) :)

  4. @ Indu : Ya, it really reminds us our coll life....... Thank u de!