Sunday, June 7, 2009

The world today........

Hi friends,
Do u know y hav i chosen dis topic? In this world, human beings and other creatures were created. But it is said only human beings possess 6 senses and it is treated with much respect compared to other creations. This emphasizes how valuable a human life is !
Now the matter is, does such a valuable human life really achieves its wholeness? In the sense , does it meet the purpose of its creation? We see the 5 sense creatures living unitedly, but we dont find it in the case of human beings nowadays.... Hatred,jealousy,debauch etc engender violent activities among people which paves the end of morale life .
Today we see wars still happening in this world( I mean the srilankan problem here)..... Even UNO considered the problem there only after lots n lots of loss of lives n materials... The hardships of the people der weren't considered when they were suffering... It's just an example.,
So wer's the world going today? what makes a man's life perfect? wer's the love,affection and care that binds people . Its all within us, but we don exhibit them..... Many people don have principles in life which makes their life meaningful.. But our lives shouldn't be left as such...... LIFE IS TO LIVE!!! live in a best way .... So let us all follow some scruples in life n lead our life in the best way so dat we can achieve d purpose for wat GOD sent to us to the earth!

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  1. Hi .. the topic u chose is the most happening case .. Well its true that all the animal families are united .. i have not heard a lion eating another lion, a cat eating another cat etc .. But human eat human flesh !! atrocious !! Then whats d work of d 6th sense here ?? People must realize their intent on earth and lead a scrupulous life